Features - Internet banking

Internet banking

Make payments, browse your account history or find products are just some of the many online features.

Cyclos Features - SMS


Do payments by sending sms keywords or other custom commands. Click here for more.

Cyclos Features - IVR


Interactive Voice Response: do payments, get account and payment information by calling a number.

Cyclos Features - Multiple identifiers


Multiple identifiers supported. E.g. pay to: name, email, phone number, account number or qr code.

Features - Mobile app

Mobile app

Rebrand our mobile app to offer your clients a complete internet banking app. Click here for more.

Cyclos Features - USSD


Sparcodb can also be used using USSD commands on any phone. Click here for more.

Cyclos Features - QR-Code


Pay with our app to a printed QR code or generate a QR code on our app to receive payments.

Cyclos Features - NFC


Pay by holding an NFC card to an android device to do quick and secure payments. Click here for more.


Cyclos Features - Multiple Currencies

Multiple currencies

Create multiple currencies and create accounts and transaction types for each currency.

Cyclos Features - Multiple transition types

Multiple transaction types

Add payment fields and many rules to transactions, such as PINless payment thresholds, min/max transaction amount, allowed on selected channels and much more.

Cyclos Features - Advanced payments

Advanced payments

Pay to unregistered users (email/SMS), requests or schedule payments, payment authorizations, etc.

Cyclos Features - Account and Transition fees

Account & Transaction fees

Monthly contribution payments, demurrage, interest payments, flat or percentual transaction fees and custom fee calculations (with script extension point if needed).